Freya's Perfect Prints

large sunshine print - £52.50

In the months before we opened Plaisir, we thought long and hard about choosing the items in our very first collection. Whose work said exactly what we wanted to say with our shop? Which items would make our customers feel as happy as we want them to feel? It wasn't easy, and much sleep was lost before we finally felt that we'd got it right. There were however, a few designers, artists and makers that were dead certs right from the start, and one of them was Freya.

We love her vibrant, colourful prints that somehow manage to be bold and delicate, wise and naive at the same time. The text she uses as the basis for each piece has been known to reduce the occasional customer to tears (seriously!) so we're delighted that a new delivery of her prints and cards has just arrived. As well as medium and large prints, we also have six of her designs as greetings cards, which means that you can own a little piece of Freya art for the princely sum of just £4.  

medium new to this world print - £37.50
all images by freya art and design

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