Winter surprises - 10% off Tea Balls and Coffee Pots

6 cup stainless steel tea ball - now £52.20

4 cup stove top espresso maker - now £63

Our beautiful tea balls and coffee pots from Freud are real attention-grabbers. We chose this range because we think these items are very friendly. We've all had the misfortune to come across gadgets that seem to throw a spanner in the works at every turn: the toaster that joyfully incinerates your bread no matter what the setting, or the mobile phone which only receives a signal if you bound around waving it above your head as if you're being attacked by a particularly determined wasp. Some objects are just mean. They hang out in the corners of your house like the cool kids at school, sniggering and whispering to each other whenever you pass by. We once owned a set of expensive wine glasses which were beautiful to look at, but just didn't feel right in the hand - when I used them, it felt as if they were tutting at everything from my choice of wine to the state of my hair.

 In contrast, we think these tea balls and coffee pots are great to have around. They jolly up your kitchen no end and bend over backwards to make your day a little better every time you use them. They're stainless steel and have a drip-proof spout, but their best feature is that tactile handle which means to pour you simply rotate your wrist. A subtle difference, but one which makes the daily routine of making tea or coffee a more interesting and pleasant experience. If only all gadgets were so eager to please!

We're taking 10% off our large and mini teaballs, coffee pots and espresso makers for one week only - grab one while they're still in stock!

8 cup stainless steel cafetiere - now £47.70

3 cup stainless steel cafetiere - now £38.70

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