Coming soon - Joules arrives at Plaisir!

image by Joules 

We're very pleased to say that Plaisir will soon be stocking an exciting new brand! Joules is British company designing fresh and colourful clothing with a relaxed and offbeat style. The quality of their clothes is incredible - we were amazed to see that even the laces on their hooded tops have little metal enclosures so they can't fray - and we're sure you'll love their styles at first sight and for years to come. Our first delivery arrives in the week beginning the 22nd of November, and we'll have cute gilets, tops, a fleece and sweatshirt, a beautiful silk blouse, their brilliant jeans and loads of bright and cosy socks. No photos yet, we're afraid, but sign up to our newsletter and we'll drop you a line as soon as they're available. For an idea of their style and prices in the meantime, please click over to their website.

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