Fight The Weather!

 Strawberry Polka Hottie - £45

It's wet. Very wet. The road outside the shop looks more like a river, and the rain shows no sign of stopping. What's more, it's cold too! On a day like this, we reckon there's nothing for it but to admit defeat and curl up at home with several cups of tea, a hot water bottle, and the longest, thickest socks you can find. Happily enough, we've recently started stocking all of the above - well, apart from the tea! These lovely, luxurious items from Catherine Tough are hand-knitted from soft, snuggly lambswool. We have the bed-socks in grey, pink and blue stripes, and the hot-water bottles in grey, pink and blue polka-dot designs. Perfect for cosying up to, drifting off to sleep and dreaming of spring!
 Lambswool Bedsocks £23.50
All images by Catherine Tough

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