Hula Glasses

hula glasses set - £13.99
image by LSA

We are very happy to announce that one of our best-selling items is back in stock! These Hula Glasses from LSA flew off the shelves when we opened in August. They're just so much fun. Their official function is as vodka glasses, but we say why limit yourself to that particular spirit? And if you happen to be tee-total, they also make lovely tea-light holders. They come in sets of four, and are available in two colour palettes, Cool and Hot. Their unique round bottomed shape brings back fond memories of a particularly cool children's toy from the 70's and 80's - if you're of a similar age to us, the slogan 'Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.' might ring a bell! They make fantastic gifts so catch them while you can!   

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