Frozen Beauty

all images by plaisir

Here are a few pictures we've taken around Biggar this week. It may be amazingly cold at the moment, but it's amazingly beautiful too.


  1. I have to say I am delighted that you guys have created such a beautiful store near where I used to live. Biggar was our stomping ground as we used to luv at Broughton Place. I also have to tell you that your store is exactly what I have been planning to open in Vermont where I now live. I moved here rift weeks ago to follow this dream. Bravo to you for a wonderul place. X

  2. Thanks very much! It's always nice to hear that people like our little shop, and good luck with yours - we've had a ball, and I'm sure you will too. Ono an unrelated note, we also have a link with Broughton Place, as we got married there back in 2008 in the gallery space. Such a shame that it's no longer open to the public!

    Thanks again,

    Anthony x