A Very Frosty January Sale!

some of biggar's finest icicles!
image by plaisir 

Well, happy new year everyone! 2010 is here, and it seems to have brought a mini Ice Age with it! Who knows, perhaps by next Christmas the snow may have finally melted. It certainly looks beautiful, but trudging through it on the way to work in temperatures of minus four is rapidly losing its appeal. It's a good job then, that we've got our very first January sale to lift the spirits! Among the many lovely items discounted - including gorgeous jewellery, luxurious soaps and our own exclusive calender - we should pay special mention to our hand-knitted, lambswool hot-water bottles by Catherine Tough. Guaranteed to keep you toasty when the temperature plummets! Spring seems such a long way off....

hot water bottle - was £44.99, now £30!
image by catherine tough

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