Joanna Newsom

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see Joanna Newsom at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and have been too busy in the shop to post about it until now! I just think she's a total genius - despite the fact that I'm surrounded by fools who don't appreciate how amazing her music is (yes wife, mother, father, father in law - that means you). Okay, I'll admit that her voice is something of an acquired taste (kind of like olives, I suppose. I love olives.) Her lyrics are full of incredible poetry, wit and vision and her harp playing is completely mesmerising. She played tracks with her band from her new album Have One On Me, as well as some older ones that I hadn't heard before, being somewhat of a recent convert to the cult of Joanna. The highlight for me was an absolutely beautiful song called Sawdust & Diamonds, which she played alone on the stage with just her trusty harp for company. I don't mind telling you my jaw was on the floor by the end! She's the kind of artist that you might have to really listen to a few times before you get her, but when you do, there's nothing to touch her.



  1. I love your analogy! Her voice is definitely an acquired taste. I find her music so pure and unique! I am definitely a little jealous you got to see her live!

  2. Thanks MJL,

    I was so pleased to get tickets! I actually saw her play a few years ago too, when I was working as an usher in a concert hall in Manchester. It was nice this time to get to sit back and enjoy her performance without having to get up every five minutes to show someone where the toilets were! I agree, she is totally unique. I can't wait to hear what she does next!