Oliver Jeffers - beautiful illustration

Oliver Jeffers is an artist and illustrator from Belfast who, among many other things, writes and draws picture books. We first came across his work just before our niece was born, and loved it so much that we bought it for her as a "welcome to the world" present. His drawings are wonderfully spare but full of humour and feeling, The world of his stories is big and surprising, but his clear-eyed characters make their way through it with wit, courage and friendship, without a shred of sentimentality. We particularly love The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, Lost and Found and The Way Back Home, and will be definitely be buying his latest books The Heart and The Bottle and Up and Down for certain small people this Christmas. I may not be that small anymore, but they're on my wish list too, along with Oliver's wonderful prints - available right here.


all images by Oliver Jeffers

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