Kate Spade Pop Up Shop

kate spade pop up shop

I have a bit of a crush on London. When we lived there, I hated it: the noise, the crush of people on the underground, the pigeons. Whenever the weather forecast came on, I would look longingly at the map and wish I was in the north. When we moved away, I was a little bit happier with each passing mile, and when we finally arrived in Manchester I actually breathed a sigh of relief. 

Now, strangely, I can't get enough of London and am overjoyed when I get to spend a couple of days, or even a couple of hours, in the capital. The long-term relationship might not have worked out, but having a fling with the big smoke every now and then is pretty thrilling. Visiting Anthropologie and  the wonderful Mexican street-food restaurant Wahaca is heaven as far as I'm concerned, and now that Kate Spade's pop up shop is open in Covent Garden, it's very hard not to start booking flights right now. Selling fashion, accessories, stationery and homewares with a colourful, witty and joyful style, we find Kate Spade very inspiring. As I discovered on the brilliant A Design Affair blog, they do exciting windows too. The pop-up shop is open until the 10th of November - check out more photos of their beautiful flat on Henrietta Street on facebook, right here.


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