Places We Love - Stobo Castle Spa

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When we mentioned to our friends Matthew and Mirka that we were cheesed off by the erratic opening hours of our local gym earlier this year, they suggested we try the spa at Stobo Castle, which is about ten miles from Biggar. Although this seemed wildly extravagant to us at first, we gave it a try and we really, really love it! An evening membership is £55 a month, which is only slightly more than we were paying, and means we can go from 5pm to 10pm. Incredibly, most evenings we get the place almost completely to ourselves, and the facilities are amazing - spotlessly clean, beautiful and very high spec. There's a 25m ozone pool, a laconium, crystal steam room, fully equipped gym and lots of different classes taught by the kind and helpful fitness team. It's so marvellous, we're voluntarily giving up the evenings we used to spend watching America's Next Top Model and Deadliest Warrior in favour of doing some exercise! And we actually enjoy it! Thanks to everyone at Stobo for making the time we spend there so enjoyable.


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