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Clare and Anthony x

Goodbye January Giveaway - Saturday 29th

To celebrate the end of the gloomiest month of the year, we're giving away ten Freya cards to the first ten people through the door after 1pm today. It's also the end of our January sale, so we're making final reductions on our remaining sale stock, and it's cake of the week day too! Free cards, free cake and fashion bargains - what better way to kiss January goodbye!

January Holiday and Sale Preview

 Bethan Light String was £28, now £24.99

Bess dress was £44.99, now £34.99. Grace dress was £64.99, now £47. 
Origami dress was £49.99, now £30.

 Julia Decanter was £43, now £33.99

We're taking a short break in January - Plaisir will be closed from the 1st to the 7th, open on Saturday the 8th, then closed until the 11th when our normal hours will resume. Our sale kicks off properly when we get back, but we thought we'd leave you with a few of the highlights! Wishing you a very happy new year,

Clare and Anthony

Christmas Colours Gift Guides - Green, Red, Blue

"Culter Road" ink and watercolour original by Miren Hayek - £120 (framed), Bottle Rocket Kit - £13.99, Juggling Kit - £9.99, Brainwave Aromatherapy Candle - £13.99, Pina Colada Lip Gloss - £4.50, Tabletop Games - assorted £3.75 each, Sea Minerals Shower Gel - £4.50, Polar Bears Christmas Card by Emily Hogarth £3.75.

Chocatoodle wrist-warmers - £16, Tea Revives You Mug - £7.50 or two for £13, Maroon Cowdray Sweatshirt - £45, Christmas Card - £3.00, Cashmere and Angora Blend Socks - £16, Heart Hot Water Bottle - £8.50, 7 Piece Condiment Set - £49.99, Word Grab - £5.99, Francie Top - £29, Origami Kit - £5.50, Medium Red Bowl - £26.50, Red Hare Print by Dee Beale - £25

Grove Sweatshirt - £34.99, Grace Dress - £64.99, Shaving Cream - £9.50, Small Coffee Press - £43, Sheringham Jeans - £59, Rio Mix and Match Light String - £28, Spearmint Exfoliating Polish - £19, "Do Not Be Scared" original artwork by Paul Revie - £80, Dogs Perpetual Puzzle - £9.99

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

View from Knowehead

Whitmuir Farm, Lamancha

Frosty Trees, Crosscryne

Trees at Knowehead

It only seems a minute ago that I was blogging about how irritating it was tramping through a foot of snow to get to work in the morning. That was last December. Turns out it wasn't the 'once in a lifetime' crazy, snowy sub-zero winter we hoped it was. Well, today the temperature hasn't got higher than -10 degrees C! It's so cold that your ears start to sting if you are silly enough to go out without a hat on for any length of time (as I was when taking these pictures). It makes the world pretty darn beautiful to look at though, every tree is covered with hoar frost, there are icicles dangling precariously from every gutter, and the hills look like they're coated with royal icing. I'm being pressed into buying a pair of 'proper boots', as my city-boy trainers are deemed inadequate for these conditions. It's true, I've had to roast my toes in front of the fire twice already today to get the feeling back, but you can guarantee that the morning after my boots arrive, the snow will be gone, the icicles fallen, and it'll be a balmy 1 degree C.


Lisa Eldridge - Smokey Winged Eye Make-up Video

I have a huge crush on make-up artist Lisa Eldridge at the moment, having discovered her brilliant tutorials on India Knight's blog. Watching her is so relaxing - she's warm, witty and knows exactly what she's doing. Even if you're not that into makeup, I defy you to watch her and not feel soothed. If you do have a passing interest in skincare and makeup, she's a goldmine of information - I tracked down the French cleanser Bioderma because Lisa said it was really good, and it really is! She rocks, in conclusion. Check her out right here.


Christmas Fashion Show Photos


A few photos from our Christmas fashion show on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who braved the snow to make it, our wonderful models and the lovely Angela McCormack who came along to talk about the excellent work done by Macmillan Cancer Support - we're delighted to have helped raise funds for such a good cause. A new collection from Joules will be arriving in the new year, and we'll be holding another fashion show in the early spring - if you fancy coming along to the next one, please join our mailing list and we'll drop you a line with the details.

Clare and Anthony